The Old Wild Bnnch

By Bruce Sherman


There's a group that skis at Alta

 That stops at Alf's for lunch.

A gang of grizzled veterans…

They're called "The Wild Old Bunch!"


Each one has skied for many years,

Their first lift a rope tow. . .

But now that they're "in the bucks",

Heli-skiing's where some go.


Their clothing runs the gamut,

Obermeyer and Bogner, too.

All of them wear helmets... Concussions?

There have been a few.


Their choice of boards is varied,

From Volants to Rossignol...

They always have the right gear

For hard pack or powder bowl.


The Wild Old Bunch is a unique club

        No by-laws, officers or dues..

But that's the way they like it

And they're unanimous in their views.


They show up when it's snowing..

    They love it when there's sun,

Regardless of the weather,

You'll spot them on every run.


You'll find them on the mountain

From the first day to the last…

And it will just amaze you

That they can ski so fast.


     Their style and form are varied,

Stein Ericksons they're not..

But regardless of. conditions,

They don’t really fall a lot.


Their taste 'in food is varied,

At Sweet Tomatoes they often dine,

Wherever they've had dinner,

They’re usually in bed by nine.


The come from many-places,

From the plains to the shining sea.

When the snow begins to fall,

Alta's where they want to be.